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Sales and Income Tax Advisory Services

Advisory Services


Does your business struggle with complex sales and use tax laws because you cannot afford dedicated accounting staff or high priced tax consultants? Our tax advisory services can help.

Tax Advisors

Are you able to provide expert sales and use tax services in a consistent manner with staff turnover? Are you able to provide dedicated sales and use tax staff for your clients? We can help.


Do your members ask you for sales and use tax training opportunities? Is your industry one of the many that face complex tax laws? We can help.

Vendors/General Contractors

Do your customers or subcontractors regularly ask your staff whether or not they should pay sales tax? Are you seeking sales and use tax training opportunities for your staff and customers/subcontractors? We can help.

Audit Defense

Benefit from having an experienced and dedicated sales tax expert on your side. Our CEO has 8 years of prior experience with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue as an auditor and a technical tax law specialist. Our expertise allows you to:

  • Minimize the length of your audit
  • Minimize your tax liability
  • Maximize your refund opportunities
  • Leave the audit knowing exactly what you need to do going forward

Have the security of a sales and use tax expert on your side who knows the audit process. Make sure you maximize your refund or assessment offset potential during an audit. Do not hesitate, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Whether you have never been audited, are under audit, or recently closed an audit – it’s always a good time for a reverse audit. This comprehensive review of your records searches for areas where you payed too much sales and use tax. We can identify overpayments and help you submit a refund request.

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Have you been through an audit? Are you uneasy about the amount you were assessed? Are you confused about the proper tax treatment going forward?

It is important that you contact us quickly! 

  • You have only 60 days from the date of your audit assessment notice to file an appeal if you disagree in part or in full with the assessment. 
  • There is a two year statute of limitations to submit a refund request of tax assessed in an audit. 

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Multi-State Nexus and Taxability Review

As a result of the United States Supreme Court June 21, 2018, ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., a state can require out-of-state sellers without a physical presence in that state to collect and remit sales or use tax on sales delivered into that state.

A nexus review will identify your tax exposure in each jurisdiction and provide a course of action to ensure compliance.

The Wayfair decision has already impacted sales and income tax liability across the U.S.! Additionally, states are enacting marketplace seller legislation which also affects tax liability. If you currently do business in multiple states – you need to identify your tax exposure from 2018 and going forward.

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The Wayfair decision and marketplace seller legislation impacts your sales and income tax liability. If you plan to do business in multiple states – you need to identify your tax exposure to ensure you are reporting tax properly to avoid costly audit issues down the road.

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  • Webinars – $99 per person (one hour webinar)
  • Seminars – $150 per person (2-3 hour seminar)

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  • Custom Training – Contact us for custom pricing on training specific to your organization

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