Sales & Income Testimonials  

Most businesses consider their customers’ needs as one of their greatest priorities. Associations provide their members and their members’ customers with much needed resources to make them successful and profitable. A top concern to any wisconsin business is the management and compliance with the state’s complicated sales and use tax laws. Don’t underestimate the value to your business and your customers when recommending or relying on a professional to help incorporating these law requirements into processes for managing sale and use tax reporting! We rely on the expertise and highly recommend the Sales & Income Tax Advisory Network as the premier resource!

Dianna Rowinski

Business Credit Management Association (BCMA)j/Wisconsin Credit Association (WCA)

Holly is an invaluable partner in understanding complex Wisconsin sales tax issues. When a question around sales tax responsibility arises, Holly is our #1 go-to resource. She is extremely prompt in her responsiveness and saves our team many hours and headaches in independent research. You really should use Holly’s expertise when you need sales tax consultation.




Mike Griffin, CFO

JP Cullen

While going through a 2 nd Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax audit, we were given Holly’s information to help us sort out all the steps to best help our company. Since I had already gone through one, I was familiar, however, it’s nearly impossible to know all the rules and regulations to help with issues the state would see.
Holly has worked with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and now she is on the side of the business to help them through this.  She made this audit less painful and helped ensure we weren’t being taken advantage of. I am thankful that she was on our team and educate us as well as the Wisconsin DOR on the rules and laws.  I would recommend anyone to use Holly’s services if you are facing a Sales Tax Audit.

Cara D. Drexler

Stratford Sign Company, LLC

Holly helped me navigate through a situation involving sales tax. Previously, I turned to a few people for help but had gotten nowhere. She is very attentive to detail and willing to put in the time and effort needed to resolve any issues that arise. Holly, her contacts and expertise in the area of tax collection/remission were essential. Thank you, Holly, for your help. I would definitely recommend her for any tax related issues or education.




Sondra Byers

Rustic Retreats LLC

You are like the holy grail of taxes…





Terry Hockers

Hockers Plumbing, Inc.

“We have been working with Holly for several months now and she is amazing! We utilized her online training and completed an on-site assessment visit. She is available whenever we have sales tax questions or just need to run something by her to double-check ourselves. All of these tools that Holly provides are worth way more than their value. They are lifelong skills that ease the stress of handling your Sales & Use tax. I would highly recommend giving Holly a call.”

Dawn King

Bernie J. Buchner, Inc.

“Holly has become a trusted advisor and an extremely valuable asset to Staab Construction. She has an in-depth knowledge of sales tax regulations and reporting requirements, which she is able to breakdown and share in an easy-to-understand way. I would highly recommend Holly to anyone trying to navigate the complexities of their sales tax obligations.” 

Matthew Iwanski; Accountant

Staab Construction Corporation